» » Publikasikan File di Docstoc dan Dapatkan Uang!

Jika Anda punya file, dokumen, makalah, atau tulisan yang bagus dan penting, berguna, dicari banyak orang, maka... simpan file itu di Docstoc!

Selain "aman" dan bisa dibuka kapan saja dan di mana saja, Anda akan mendapatkan penghasilan (bagi hasil) jika dokumen itu didownload pengunjung.

Ini kata Docstoc: Publish Your Documents on Docstoc and Get Money!

Publikasikan Dokumen Anda di Docstoc dan Dapatkan Uang!

Millions of visitors come to Docstoc every month to discover professional documents and the users who submitted them. Upload your content and Start Earning Money and reach an audience of millions to Promote yourself and your Documents. Its fast, easy, and free to use. This is according to Docstoc.

Upload your documents and sell them in the Docstoc DocStore, the premier marketplace to buy and sell professional documents. Reach millions of potential buyers and make money from your hard work right away! It takes less than 2 minutes to get started.

Sign up for DocCash and we'll split the revenue generated by the Google Ads that run alongside your documents. Earn recurring and passive income from your documents, and get a check sent to you each month.

Promote Yourself, Your Content & Your Business.Promosikan diri Anda, Konten Anda, dan Bisnis Anda.
You will be able to use Docstoc as a promotional tool targeting users who view your content. You can provide your personal and business information as well as a link back to your own site. Take advantage of this opportunity to market yourself to millions of viewers!
We allow you to place your information about your content or business next to your document. We also provide links to other documents you have provided.

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